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My name is Chulian. I am a 30-year-old blogger and reporter. I am originally from Beijing, China. One of my greatest passion is traveling. I have spent all my life traveling around the world but I am still fascinated with my country most. I adore the Chinese unique beauties, the ancient distinctive wonders, washed-out walls with black-tiled roofs, mountainous areas, the minorities customs, and diverse religious architecture. As my occupation is about writing, I like to write for international netizens about my experience in my country, China.

I really love my country as it is where I was born, brought up, have my residence and will spend the last moment of my life. China does not only have air pollution, habitat destruction and population issues like you have read about on the Internet. We do have splendid tourist destinations, marvelous sceneries, majestic mountains, and rich in culture. Many natural beauties are existing and being preserved in China.

Each region in China has its distinctive customs, culture, and beauty. Beijing has the Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs; its special dishes are roasted duck, dumplings, shredded pork, noodles with soybean taste. Shanghai Yu Garden, the Jade Buddha Temple, the Oriental Pearl Tower; its special dishes are soup dumplings, steamed crab, smoke fish slices, beggar’s chicken.

And that are just some little popular things about China. In fact, there are many more cities, provinces to visit, a variety of dishes to try, abundant marvelous landscapes to watch and admire. I want to introduce all Chinese beauties to you, to everybody in the world. I want to show the advantages and astonishing pictures of China to international friends, not only our drawbacks and issues. I want to give you an overview of my country in an intuitive way.

With all my love and passion, I decided to open a tourist website for international readers. Even a Chinese girl hasn’t explored every place in China so there will be a lot to write and discuss. I want to share with you everything, every beauty that I have experienced about my country, which give you a deeper insight into Chinese culture. I am writing while keeping exploring China at the same time, so it will be the latest experience and suggestion for you. I will try my best as to give you information about location, transportation, outstanding destinations that you must visit, special dishes, some particular customs, lifestyles and culture, things that you should or should not do, and so many more.

Besides, I want to write about my country as a way to show my love to this beautiful hometown. You can consider my website as a diary of a Chinese girl who wants to talk about her journeys discovering her birthplace. But most importantly, I want to draw a better picture of China and Chinese things for international visitors. It can help you to acknowledge, to come and visit my country, and to come back to my country again and again.

Welcome to my website!

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