China’s Top 5 Safest Cities You Should Visit in 2019

China’s Top 5 Safest Cities You Should Visit in 2019

You used to hear lots of stories about kidnapping, rape, violence, robbery, murder, etc. in China. It prevents you from traveling to China. Well, dangerous China is in the past. Thanks to the rapid development in every aspect, China is becoming more and more secure to tourists, especially foreign tourists.

China is now one of the most secure countries in the world

Since China used to have bad international recognition, the government has tried to put lots of effort on the safety of tourists. You might know China for some bad reputations relating to crimes around the year 2010. But now, everything is getting better. According to the governmental report, in 2016, the crime rate in China was 0.62% every 100,000 residents, while the rate in the United State was 5,35%. The gun crime in 2017 was dramatically dropped to 27.6% (it used to 81.3% in 2012).

Now, China is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists, especially international tourists, thanks to the government. China is even safer than the US or Canada. People can see that the Chinese government has been working so hard to stop every kind of crime occurring on the land. In some special cities, China has tried the newest facial recognition system in order to identify citizens. It could help to reduce the number of crimes in the public areas.  Therefore, if you get lost or being kidnapped, the police could identify the criminals and trace you easily. Besides, it is rare to have terrorism. Foreigners aren’t kidnapper’s targets.

There are scams and other small crimes, but it happens to every country in the world. As a result, the most important thing is you know how to avoid such common crimes. Violence is rare. Women can go out at night without any danger. It can be risky when using public transportation since there would be lots of pickpockets and beggars. In fact, the crime has mostly happened to domestic people, not foreigners so if you visit China, the risk is low. The only crimes that target foreigners are financial scams, credit card fraud, and pickpocketing.

Top 5 safest cities to visit in China

Well, even though I declared that China is safe to travel, it doesn’t mean that every place in China is safe. You still need to avoid going to warned or quiet area just in case. China has several cities and provinces, and here are the top 5 most secure regions for foreign tourists.


Beijing china

Beijing is known as the Washington of China. It plays a key role in the development of society, from tourism to production. As the capital of China, there is no way that Beijing is unsafe or dangerous. The security here is extremely intense. There are polices and supporters everywhere, especially in public hustle places. The level of crime in Beijing is only 37,14% (reported in August 2019). However, you should be careful in any case since the scam is a huge problem in Beijing.


shanghai city

Shanghai has both security and population. It is one of the most populated regions in China, yet one of the safest ones. The violent crime is only approximately 0.69% out of 100,000 people, while property crime is a little higher – 1.8% out of 100,000 people. In tourist areas, security and robust police always presence. The police are equipped well and willing to help you.


hangzhou xihu tiandi

Hangzhou is called “Heaven on earth” for its breathtaking landscape, peaceful atmosphere, and nice people. It is definitely safe for tourists, even for female tourists. The crime rate keeps decreasing annually. Therefore, many female visitors have chosen Hangzhou as their ideal Chinese destination. You can walk around at night without worrying that a stranger might ask for money impolitely. The most threatened criminals in Hangzhou are scams, but they sleep at night.


tianjin city

The crime rate in Tianjin is dropping every year. The Tianjin tourism industry is extremely developed. Foreign tourists play an important part in the growth of this city. That’s why the government won’t forgive any serious crime that occurs in this region. Violent crimes are available but rarely target foreign tourists. It is suggested that you should be confident while walking on the street so that nothing bad would happen. Scam and pickpocketing risks are the most serious problems happening in Tianjin, or every touristy area.


Xiamen city

Xiamen is always famous for being the safest place in China. It is usually crowned the lowest index score than any other region for safety risk. The crime rate is only about 18% out of every inhabitant. Besides, it was voted for the most suitable city to live in, or the most romantic leisure city in China in several years. No terrorism, no mugging, low transportation risks, and common pickpocketing risks are the general situation in Xiamen.

Always remember, visiting a safe city doesn’t mean that you are safe

Even when China is safer than you thought, there is a risk that you may be in danger when traveling to this country. It happens to every itinerary, and you should prepare yourself for any unfortunate events. Be careful with strangers, keep your valued items and visa in a safe place, never go alone, and remember the emergency number of Chinese police: 110. Let’s protect yourself.


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