Guangxi province journey: a new experience in familiar China

Guangxi province journey: a new experience in familiar China

Guangxi is a diverse tourist destination. It is famous for unfamiliar cities that you may spend a lifetime to discover. For instance, Guilin has the Dragon’s backbone rice terraces; Guigang has Longtan National Forest Park with the famous Xishan tea. Each Guangxi’s city has its own cultural and natural signature that turn Guangxi into one of the hottest tourist destinations in China. It is visited by millions of foreign tourists every year, and no one ever regrets going here. As a result, you definitely should pay a proper visit to Guangxi. This post will be a basic guide for your adventurous and exciting Guangxi journey.

Guangxi china map

Guangxi introduction

Area 236.700 km²
Population Over 48 million people (until 2016)
Neighbors Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Guangdong, Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin
Capital Nanning
Cities Guilin, Nanning, Liuzhou, Wuzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang, Qinzhou, Guigang, Yulin, Baise, Hezhou, Hechi, Laibin, Chongzuo
Time zone GTM +8
City Code Guilin 773
Nanning 771
Liuzhou 772
Wuzhou 774
Beihai 779
Fangchenggang 770
Qinzhou 777
Guigang 775
Yulin 775
Baise 776
Hezhou 774
Hechi 778
Laibin 772
Chongzuo 771

Guangxi has another name, which is Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (GZAR). It is the autonomous region of China with most of the population made of Zhuang people. The main terrain is mountains, very favorable for adventurous tourists. It neighbors with lots of regions, so when traveling to Guangxi, you can lengthen your trip by arranging another tour to other regions.

guangxi wuzhou cang wu


The climate is quite enjoyable as the temperature is not too high or too low. It has subtropical to tropical monsoon climate, with the annual average temperature is 22 °C. The perfect time to visit Guangxi is the Autumn and the Spring. The weather will be tender cold, very suitable for some hiking or trekking. There will be also wet and a lot of rain in April and September, so think before choosing this period to travel.

From Beijing to Guangxi

Popular departure destinations in Guangxi are Guilin and Nanning as they are two most prosperous cities. I would like to go into detail of the train instead of the plane because I have experienced traveling to Guangxi by train. Going by plane is way easier and more familiar to foreigners but going by train is more interesting and perfect to discover the stunning scenery on the way.

And most important, don’t forget to book a ticket online before you travel about 1 to 2 months. Guangxi is always crowded with tourists, so running out of tickets always happens. The distance between Beijing and Guangxi is over 2200 kilometers, so you will spend lots of time to travel to Guangxi. But don’t worry, it is totally worth it. You can take a long-distance bus to travel, but it is not suggested as the distance is too long. It won’t give you an enjoyable ride.

To Guilin

There are three railway stations: the Guilin Railway Station, the Guilin North Railway Station, and the Guilin West Railway Station. High-speed train takes you about 9 to 10 hours to reach Guilin from Beijing, while it is over a day to go by normal train. And yes, you will depart to Beijing West Railway Station. If you want to have comfort, you may prefer high-speed train, even though the price ticket could be higher.

It is only 5 hours to reach Guilin from Beijing. There are 4 airlines to choose from: Air China, China Southern Airlines, Grand China Air, and Shandong Airlines. They are qualified airlines, so you don’t have to worry about any difficulty.

To Nanning

Your train destinations are Nanning Railway Station and Nanning East Railway Station. You will depart at Beijing West Station. Nanning is further than Guilin if you go from Beijing. As a result, you will spend either nearly a day on a high-speed train or nearly two days on a normal train. For such a long distance, if you upgrade your seat class, the trip could be more relaxing and enjoyable, so considering well when choosing the seat.

It takes approximately 4 hours to reach Nanning from Beijing. Your arrival airport would likely to be the Nanning Wuxu Airport. At least 4 airlines are providing the flight to Nanning frequently, including Air China, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines.


The traffic network in Guangxi is getting more and more developed. There are lots of local bus in every city; the earliest bus is at 6:15 AM, the latest bus is 23:00 PM. I suggest you catch a bus to travel as it is very convenient and cheap. Especially, there is no ticket seller inside or outside the bus. You have to prepare the pence before to put in a small box by yourself on the bus, placed in front of the bus door. If you want to travel to another city, you can go to the bus stations and take a bus.

Taxis are plenty too. In each taxi, there is a phone number in order to call for help if any emergency case happens. But I don’t recommend going by taxi because public transportation has already been very convenient. You can save money by catching a bus, not taking a taxi.

Must-go tourist destinations

One post is not enough to list every spectacular tourist destination available in Guangxi. As mentioned before, each city has its uniqueness. Most of the scenery here is made of breathtaking mountains, outstanding natural biodiversity, as well as abundant yet deep cultural customs. For this part, I will list out for you the hottest and most marvelous destinations in the two most prosperous Guangxi cities: Guilin and Nanning. These are two cities visited by foreign tourists most frequently.


china guilin travel

Guilin specializes in its elegant natural beauty. It is the most favorite destination for adventurous tourists. The scenery is so picturesque that Guilin’s different name is “Paradise on Earth”.  The beauty is formed 3 million years ago with plenty of natural limestones caves, huge forests, marvelous mountains, and mysterious yet fascinating rivers. Some suggestions for your journey exploring Guilin are:

– Li River (It is one of top China’s tourist destination; you can’t say you have been to Guangxi if you haven’t been to Li River).

li river

– Yangshuo town

– Elephant Trunk Hill

– Reed Flute Cave

– Seven-Star Park

– Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

– Chuanshan Park

– Gudong Waterfall


nanning guangxi

Nanning is the capital city of Guangxi. It is famous for many green biological parks, charming and stunning natural scenery that amazed so many foreigners. It is also known as China Green Capital. The minority culture here is abundant and various as Nanning is the favorite accommodation of Zhuang people, adding more colorful cultural folks to the city. Most of the tourist spots have bus stations, so to visit them is very easy. Some must-go tourist destinations that you should not miss are:

– Yangmei Ancient Town

– Detian Waterfall

– Guangxi Provincial Museum

– Jingxi Tongling Grand Canyon

– Nanning People’s Park

– Qingxiu Mountain Park

– Nanhu Lake Park

– Liangfengjiang National Forest Park

– Zhongshan Road Snacks Market

Guangxi cuisine

Guangxi’s specialty is not cuisine, but it doesn’t mean that Guangxi cuisine is not attractive. The main flavor of Guangxi cuisine is spicy and oily. To explore the cuisine best, you should have a tour around the street food. Some should-not-miss special dishes in Guangxi are:

– Steamed Fish With Li-Quian Beer

– Guilin Rice Noodles

– Claypot rice

– Beerduck

– Steamed Snails

It is not difficult to reach Guangxi and explore its beauty. China has numerous tourist area to go to, and don’t forget to give Guangxi a chance in your China journey.

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