Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in China

Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in China

You might hear a lot about kidnapping, murder, robbery, etc. in China, but don’t actually know where they are usually occurs in such a huge country. The bigger the population, the more crimes you can possibly face to. As a result, I would like to list for you top 5 most dangerous cities in China that you may be careful about. I may not have enough specific statistics since it is private information of the government (or in other words, it would affect China’s publicity), but I can point some examples out for you.

1. Liuzhou, Guangxi


Liuzhou is also famous for bomb explosions. In September 2015, there were at least 15 explosions in Liuzhou, hit public constructions such as the hospital. The criminal act was not terrorism since there has been no terrorism ever appeared in China. However, it would raise an alarm since the peace of society can’t be protected and remained.

The main cause of death in Liuzhou is traffic accidents. Traffic issues are happening in every Chinese city. Road accident kills approximately 700 people every day in China, and Liuzhou is like 10% of this number. Another cause of death is HIV. Over 12000 people in Liuzhou have been diagnosed with HIV, and the number is increasing steadily. As a result, pickpocket, rape, murder, etc. are slowly growing. Since the police are working extremely effectively, it seems like there are not many crimes happen – but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Many crimes are underreported.

2. Shenzhen, Gansu


The pressure from work and life make Shenzhen’s inhabitants always stressed. The work is overload, whereas the entertainment is poor. Therefore, the rate of crime seems to higher than in other provinces. The most common crimes in Shenzhen are beggars, pickpocketing, snatchers, and thieves. Every year, at least 10000 foreign tourists reported that they have been pickpocketed. 80% of the crime is made by immigrants (you may not know, Shenzhen is a migrant city with such geography and development). The crime mostly happens in public areas such as bus stations and train stations.

It is said for a long time that Shenzhen is not safe for any tourist and visitors, and that people should stay inside the safe zone, notice the caution and stay out of inconvenience. Tourists and visitors are advised to use metro as the transportation – you shouldn’t take a taxi. To women, bag-snatching is a prevalent problem. You should keep your bags or other worthy items on your lap, instead of beside you. Counterfeit currency is also a significant risk in Shenzhen, especially if you are a foreigner.

The number of crimes in Shenzhen has been reduced in recent years, thanks to AI technology. The government and police have been working super hard to control the rate of crime. However, we should still keep in mind the crimes that could possibly happen.

3. Guangzhou


Guangzhou is the Chinese third most populated city. As a result, the number of crimes seems to be higher than in other parts of the country. Local currency, taxi, and shopping scams are at high rate. Some places that criminals and gangs are usually seen are hotels, bus stations, train stations, apartments, and shopping areas. The criminals are so defiant that they commit a crime anywhere, anytime, without any hesitation.

The number of crimes has a downturn in recent years, but it is still increasing steadily. Thefts, burglaries, and muggings are common. There are even violent crimes if you hang out at night or near the nightclubs and bars. The crime rate in Guangzhou now is about 30000 every year.

4. Chongqing


The vandalism and theft are the two most frequent property crime in Chongqing. 40.38% of Chongqing’s inhabitants have experienced such these crimes until May 2019. Corruption and bribery problems have happened with over 55% of local people. Every year, the crime rate in Chongqing increases to 25%. There were some cases that foreigners had gotten stabbed down by several wounds because they argued with taxi drivers or other local inhabitants. People here are not too kind or friendly; they tend to solve the problem by quarrels and violence.

Traffic accidents in this city are intense too since it has a big population. However, like other cities, mugger, robbery, pickpocketing are common crimes. Serious crimes such as rape, insulting, dealing drugs, etc. are minimal. You should always watch out for expensive items you bring along with you. Never going out at night or wander in an empty area.

5. Chengdu


While the crime rate in some big cities has been decreasing, it seems no reduction in Chengdu. In the past 3 years, the crime rate here has grown up to 54.17%. Similar to other cities, thieves and pickpockets are major problems in Chengdu. It is very hard to trace these crimes, and not everyone would report this crime to the police since they usually think that “It is lucky that property disappears without any harm or wound”.

Remember to be careful whenever you are at the bus or train stations. They are where crimes frequently happen. Your belongings should always on your hand or keep safety in front of your body. You can make a big loud scene. People around you may not help, but police in such public places will arrive soon.

However, please notice that China is not that dangerous and unsafe country. To be honest, most of the tourists agree that China is safe for traveling. Usually, the criminals are not likely to choose foreigners to act the crime. Also, the government has been working extremely hard to preserve peace in society. The only most frequent crime until now is the pickpocket. Besides, the crime is minimized by the national AI facial recognition system. The system would easily state a person’s face and identity. The government even have a grading system for citizens in order to encourage good behaviors and discourage bad behaviors. Besides, disasters are foreseen by the latest technology. Therefore, don’t worry if you want to travel or live in China.


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