China Facts: #11 Facts About This Most Populous Country ( 2020)

China Facts: #11 Facts About This Most Populous Country ( 2020)

Population, prosperity, noise, pollution, traffic jam, bad reputation, is that all about China? In fact, this country has more to know and learn from. People tend to know a country via social media. However, the information, news online can be controlled internationally. We seem to see the disadvantages outweigh the advantages whereas China has lots of pluses. Let’s see what you haven’t known about this 1-billion-people country.

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1. Chinese invented football/soccer

This is an incredible fact since football (soccer) is more developed in Eastern countries. The game, which then was turned into the most famous sport nowadays, was created by Chinese 2200 years ago. At the beginning of football (soccer), players kicked a leather ball that was filled with hair and feathers. It was called “Tsu Chu” (kicking ball).

2. Taking care of the elderly

In China, respecting the elderly is a potential tradition. The government is willing to protect this precious tradition by law. Treating badly to the elderly, especially to your parents, both mentally and physically, is forbidden.  For instance, it is illegal when you don’t visit your parents often or take care of your parents carefully if they are more than 60 years old. Whilst in other countries, old parents are likely to live in rest-homes.

3. Chinese celebrate their New Year in 15 days

Sounds jealous right? While in some countries, we only have 2 or 3 days celebrating New Year Eve, then getting back to work, the Chinese have 15 days! As domestic people here use the lunar calendar, the oldest known calendar in the world that based on the moon routine, their new year celebration held in a different time in comparison to European or American new year celebrations. It often begins at the end of January and ends in the middle of February.

4. Biggest population, biggest economy, biggest army

It is well-known that China is the most populated country in the world. There are at least 1.4 billion people living and working in China, and the number keeps growing from years to years. The population here is 4 times bigger than the US population. In every 5 humans, there would be one Chinese. China has massive land, so the statistic seems reasonable.

About the economy, I have to say there is nowhere that have such many geniuses as China. People usually think America or European countries may the strongest ones, but China has more advantages in the workforce, technology, flexibility, etc. China has a developed economy mostly based on private property ownership. And since 1978, China has put efforts into export and investment development, resulting in the most dramatically growing economy in the world. It has to be a reason why the trade war between China and America hasn’t ended for a long time.

Of course, with such numerous inhabitants, the Chinese army is the biggest. China has more than 2 million soldiers, the same with the Paris population. People usually think that America has the largest standing army, but they are all wrong.

5. No Facebook or Google

no facebook

For Facebook and Google lovers, this fact may be unpleasing to hear. However, Facebook is forbidden in this country since 2009, and Google can’t be accessed. To replace these social platforms and searching tools, the Chinese has invented WeChat, Baidu, and Weibo. You may think there are Chinese who disagree and fight for this unreasonable act? No, in fact, the Chinese are satisfied with these domestic apps and social platforms and use them effectively.

6. Chinese speak Chinese?

The answer is no. There are different dialects are spoken nowadays in China, including Cantonese, Yue, Wu, Mandarin, Xiang, Xiang Hakka, Minnan, and last but not least, Gan. Chinese is the origin of the only existing pictographic writing system until know. Well, it means that there are lots to study when you want to speak Chinese fluently. However, most people tend to study and use Mandarin as the official Chinese language.

7. Chinese people still live inside the caves

It sounds back-to-age, right? It is just a unique traditional residential style of Chinese. There are about 35 million Chinese are housing in caves. It is affordable, more comfortable in the boiling summer and freezing winter. Tourists are welcome to stay in caving hotels when they visit China, in particular, Shaanxi province.

8. Virginity is a serious matter

Daughters are being told by her mothers that if you lose your virginity, your husbands are likely to leave you. It is a serious issue resulting from the gender prejudice existing since the past. Some women are willing to pay a large amount of money to restore their hymens – the proof of virginity.

9. Birth restriction

Reproduction in China is limited legally. This country is the very first one in the world that does not allow its people to give birth to more than 2 children. The number was only 1 in the past, but recently it is increased to 2. It is quite understandable since Chinese people prefer sons than daughters; gender discrimination here is harsh and intense. They want to give birth to children until they have a son.

10. Multi-religions

China has lots of temples, pagodas, and shrines. But it does not mean that there is only Buddhism that people worship. Christians, Confucianism, and Taoism are existing too. They play an important role in the spiritual development of people, influence inhabitants more than Buddhism. Besides, the number of Christians in Chinas is bigger than in Italy.

11. And numerous facts to know about China


It takes you forever to talk about what we haven’t known about China. It has massively rich cultural, historical, religious, and natural diversity. The more you know about China, the more you love and respect Chinese and what they have done, are doing and will do to the world. Yes, Chinese has a bad reputation internationally, but it won’t stop China from being one of the most prosperous and developed countries in the world, attracting millions of tourists visiting every year.

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