#11 Beijing Facts That Beyond Your Imagination

#11 Beijing Facts That Beyond Your Imagination

Everyone knows Beijing is the capital city of China. As a capital, Beijing is superimposing and developed. The megacity is full of mazy hutongs, twinkling skyscrapers, extraordinary architecture. It blends traditional and modern city so well that it becomes the most one-of-a-kind city in the world. Of course, there are dozens of people living and working in such a hustle bustle city, making Beijing one of the most populated capital city in the world. Since there is an abundance of things to tell about Beijing, let’s keep them for another article. Today, I want to tell you some Beijing facts, both good and bad facts, that you possibly haven’t known before.

1. Beijing is one of the most long-lived cities in the world

When mentioning old cites, people would think of Sydney or New York. However, Beijing is way older than them. The history of this city could be traced back to 3000 years ago. It has the same age as London and 10 times older than Sydney. Fossils found in Beijing have shown that domestic inhabitants (called Peking Man – the ancient citizens in Beijing) had existed between 770,00 and 230,000 years ago.

2. Beijing is the 16th name of this city

Beijing is not the original name of this capital city. With each notable Chinese government, the capital has a different name. It used to be called as Jicheng, Dadu, Beiping, Zhongdu, Nanjing, etc. It hadn’t named Beijing until 1403.

Beijing facts

4. Wang is the most common name in Beijing

As reported in a census, 11% of the population is called Wang. It is pretty similar to London, where Smith is the most popular name. As a result, if you don’t remember what his or her name, you can guess by calling them Mr. or Mrs. Wang. It might not right, but at least you feel less embarrassed.

3. Breathing in Beijing is like smoking 10 cigarette per day

You may have heard about how serious air pollution is in Beijing. It is because of the development of the megacity, the construction of various buildings, the massive number of inhabitants, the behavior of people, etc. In several years, Beijing has been developing so rapidly that it can’t solve the social issues right away. The air pollution gets worse in the winter, from October to February.

There is a Chinese app on a smartphone for people to check the quality of air. The statistics show everything: under 100 is good; above 100 is quite polluted; you shouldn’t go outside without a mask when it is over 200; over 500 is deadly polluted.

 5. Mysteries are still kept in the Forbidden City

Forbidden City is the largest ancient palace in the world. It has also been recognized as a World Heritage Site. As you know, lots of things and stories have occurred in such a glorious yet dangerous palace. Millions of nymphs had lived and died – peacefully or unjustly here. Imagine there are full of gorgeous ladies living with only one husband, the emperor. Several events had happened, and the true stories still remain secret.

6. Beijing has a large amount of cyclists

You may think in such a populous and prosperous city, cars should be the favorable vehicle. Well, it is only in the past. The land in Beijing is flat, which is extremely ideal for cyclists. Inhabitants are becoming more and more taking care of their health; people also want to save money and protect the environment (since the pollution is really a critical issue) so there is no doubt about the number of bicycles is rising dramatically. The number of parking lots only for bicycles is increasing too.

7. Beijing’s government is applying AI facial recognition to manage the city

More and more locations in Beijing are applying facial recognition – an outcome of artificial intelligence in order to manage the society better. The system would memorize the facial characteristic of a person, then use it to recognize him whenever he appears on the public camera. It may influence your privacy, but to remain the safety and security of the city, you have to exchange something.

8. Special tourist destinations?

Visiting every tourist destination in Beijing is an intense trip since there are a handful of places to go. I can tell you some highlighted spots such as Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, National Museum of China, World Trade Centre Tower III, etc. As mentioned before, Beijing architecture is a perfect combination of the ancient and the modern, and so are the tourist destinations.

9. Beijing is the largest Chinese city in the population?

The answer is no. If you had a chance to visit Beijing, you could see there are full of people everywhere here, in restaurants, bus stations, subways, etc. However, it is still not the most populous city in China. The first award is for Shanghai, a home for more than 21 million citizens. Beijing is only in the second position.

10. Many youngsters are overweight

Obesity is truly a problem in Beijing. Most of boys in Beijing are overweight because they are lack of exercise. The study is so hard that they can’t have enough time for outdoor activities. The shipping service in Beijing is extremely developing too; you can get everything via app or website, and the staff would ship the product to your door. You can see fit or slender Chinese men on social media; well, they may not live in Beijing, or it’s just a minority.

11. Serious traffic conjunction

It happens to every developed city in the world. There are only cars, cars, and cars whenever traffic jam occurs. The fastest and most convenient vehicle to get around in Beijing is the subway. You might face some subway disadvantages such as bad smell, pickpocketing, stuck of people, etc. but it is still faster than going by car. You can go faster by car? Not in Beijing.

Good facts, bad facts? Beijing is still a wonderful place to visit

Despite all the disadvantages that I have mentioned above, Beijing still worth a visit. In my opinion, every city has its own problem. The Chinese government is dealing with Beijing pollution, and it is changing it in a better way. There are always lots of people, so you won’t worry about kidnapping, rape, murder, etc. You can never find such a unique city like Beijing, where traditional and modern factors are blended so well and amazingly. Beijing has numerous sightseeing and tourist spot for you to discover, so don’t miss them on your next vacation.

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